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The Life We Dance Dmitriy Samoylenko
Dmitriy Samoylenko
The Life We Dance
Smooth Jazz, New Age
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We are surrounded by a diverse and dynamic world. Something happens and changes every second in it. The set tempo is incredible for a single person. Our schedule of existence turns into an endless series of programmed actions, and we get tired or even break. But sometimes we put the game on pause in time and leave the controls to find peace and quiet. Interval when all the unnecessary and distracting dims and goes into the background, and vice versa all the important finds brightness and stands out among the noisy bustle. Moment of unity with the genuine things in the world and this life.

Artist: Dmitriy Samoylenko
Album: The Life We Dance
Label: USC
Catalog number: USC-WR-1312.0197
Release Year: 2013

All instruments programmed, keyboards, synthesizers, EWI and sampler played, vocals, music written and arranged by Dmitriy Samoylenko.
Photography by Samuel John. Artwork by Anna Riet.

This release is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

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Posted by USC on 31 December 2013
Tags: synthpop, smooth jazz, psy-ambient, new age, dmitriy samoylenko, ambient